The City of Lut (Homosexual People)

We will go into the narrative of the City of Lot(Sodom and Gomorrah) through various Quranic verses.

Surah Al-Araf (Chapter 7), Verse 81: "Indeed, you approach men with desire, instead of women. Rather, you are a transgressing people."

When Our messenger-angels came to Lot, he was distressed and worried by their arrival.1 He said, “This is a terrible day.” (11:77)

And ˹the men of˺ his people—who were used to shameful deeds—came to him rushing. He pleaded, “O my people! Here are my daughters1 ˹for marriage˺—they are pure for you. So fear Allah, and do not humiliate me by disrespecting my guests. Is there not ˹even˺ a single right-minded man among you?”(11:78)

They argued, “You certainly know that we have no need for your daughters. You already know what we desire!”(11:79)

He responded, “If only I had the strength ˹to resist you˺ or could rely on a strong supporter.”(11:80)

The angels said, “O Lot! We are the messengers of your Lord. They will never reach you. So travel with your family in the dark of night, and do not let any of you look back, except your wife. She will certainly suffer the fate of the others.1 Their appointed time is the morning. Is the morning not near?”(11:81)

When Our command came, We turned the cities upside down and rained down on them clustered stones of baked clay,(11:82)

marked by your Lord ˹O Prophet˺. And these stones are not far from the ˹pagan˺ wrongdoers(11:83)

By your life ˹O Prophet˺,1 they certainly wandered blindly, intoxicated ˹by lust˺.(15:72)

So the ˹mighty˺ blast overtook them at sunrise.(15:73)

And We turned the cities ˹of Sodom and Gomorrah˺ upside down and rained upon them stones of baked clay.(15:74)

Surely in this are signs for those who contemplate.(15:75)

Their ruins still lie along a known route.(15:76)

Surely in this is a sign for those who believe.(15:77)

The fact that these ancient ruins still exist today, exactly as the Quran describes, is powerful evidence of the Quran's accuracy. These physical remnants confirm the historical events mentioned in the Quran and highlight its timeless wisdom. 

Here are some of the current remains of the City of Lot (Sodom and Gomorrah). You may also find more media on Youtube and Google by conducting a research