Collection: Bedsores

In modern healthcare, it's common practice to change a patient's position in bed every two hours to maintain blood flow, which is crucial for keeping the skin healthy and preventing bedsores (pressure ulcers). Bedsores can develop when a person remains in one position for too long, causing pressure on certain areas of the skin, reducing blood flow, and leading to skin damage.

The Quran verse from Chapter Al-Kahf (Chapter 18, Verse 18) describes a situation where God changes the position of sleeping individuals:

Chapter Al-Kahf, Verse 18: "You would think them awake, although they were asleep. And We turned them over to the right, and to the left..."

This verse is often interpreted as God taking care of these individuals by turning them to their right and left, similar to how caregivers in modern times turn patients to prevent bedsores. 

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