Collection: People of Iram (Ad)

  • We will go into the narrative of People of Iram (Ad) through various Quranic verses.

  • The city of Iram is mentioned in the Quran in (Chapter 89, Verse 6): "Have you not considered how your Lord dealt with 'Aad - [With] Iram - who had lofty pillars...

  • [Quran 11:59] That was ’Âd. They denied the signs of their Lord, disobeyed His messengers, and followed the command of every stubborn tyrant.

    [Quran 25:38] Also ˹We destroyed˺ ’Ȃd, Thamûd, and the people of the Water-pit, as well as many peoples in between.

    [Quran 25:39] For each We set forth ˹various˺ lessons, and We ultimately destroyed each.

    Here are some images of the current remains of the City of "Ad". You may also find more media on Youtube and Google by conducting a research

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