Collection: The Human Chromosone

The Human Chromosome

( 23 is the number of the Human Haploid chromosome, and

46 is the number of The Human Diploid Chromosome. )

There is a chapter called “The Human’’ in the Quran. It is the only chapter titled “The Human” in the Quran. It is the 76th chapter of the Quran and has a total of 107 verses.

In this chapter, the word “Human’’ takes place only in the first and second verses of the chapter.

1. If we are to count all the unique types of the 28 Arabic letters from this two verses which contain the only two word “Human” in this chapter, we will get exactly 23 unique Arabic letters. ( 23 = Human haploid chromosome ) And no other combination of 2 verses for the rest of the 105 verses will be able to give this number too!

2. Between the very start of this chapter of “The Human” and the second and final word “Human” of this chapter, there are exactly 46 letters. ( And we know that two humans beings are required in order for the creation of another human being of 46 chromosome! )

3. Between the very start of the Quran itself and the verse that contain this word “Human” again, there are exactly 46 verses containing the word “human” too!

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