Collection: The Land-Sea Ratio

Recent discoveries stated that the water of seas, oceans, lakes, rivers, etc. cover 71% of the Earth, whereas the land covers 29% of it.

    The word "Sea" is mentioned (32 times) and the word "Land" is mentioned (13 times) in the Quran

    The proportion of mentions parallels the Earth's sea-to-land ratio, seen as a reflection of divine knowledge in creation.

    • ‘Sea’: 32 times. ‘Land’: 13 times. ‘Sea’ + ‘Land’ = 32 + 13 = 45.

    The total number of times the word Land and Sea is mentioned is 45. So we will be using 45 as the denominator (The total number for our fraction) 

    Let's calculate the Percentage % of Sea = 32 / 45 (x100%) = 71.11111111 %

    Let's calculate the Percentage % of Land = 13 / 45 (x100) = 28.88888889 %

    Praise be to Allah , The One and Only.

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