Collection: The Number 7

The number 7 holds a fascinating place in the Quran, marked by its presence in various contexts that underscore its significance:

The Quran references the seven heavens in exactly seven verses.

The term "Hereafter" appears 70 times, echoing the recurring theme of 7.

Hell-Fire, with its seven doors, is mentioned 77 times, further emphasizing the pattern.

There are 77 chapters between the first and the last chapter that mention the number 7

The span from the first verse mentioning the number 7 to the last is 5,649 verses, which is divisible by 7.

Furthermore, from the very beginning of Chapter 2, the chapter which first mentions the number 7, to the very end of Chapter 78, the chapter which last mentions it, there are exactly 5705 verses, a multiple of 7

The number of verses that come before the first verse where 7 is mentioned is 35, which is a multiple of 7, and the number of verses that come before the verse where 7 is last mentioned is 5684, a multiple of 7.

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