Collection: The Stages of Creation & Man

Verse 67 of the Sura 40 and verse 14 of the Sura 23 refer to the stages of the creation of man in mother's womb. There are 6 stages: (1) dust, (2) drop (sperm), (3) the hanging (the hanging on the womb wall), (4) a bite size meat, (5) the bones, (6) flesh.

The words that describe the stages are mentioned as follows:

(1) dust (turab) 17 times

(2) drop (nutfe) 12 times

(3) the hanging (alaq) 6 times

(4) a bite size meat (mudgha) 3 times

(5) the bones (izame) 15 times

(6) flesh (lahm) 12 times.


The stages a man undergoes before his birth are used 65 times in total in the Quran. And the word “man” is also used 65 times in the Quran. Can all this be a coincidence?