Collection: The Stages of Creation & Man

The Quran describes the stages of a man's creation in the mother's womb.

These stages consist of six phases:

Dust (Turab) - mentioned 17 times.
Drop (Nutfe) or sperm - mentioned 12 times.
The hanging (Alaq) on the womb wall - mentioned 6 times.
A bite-sized piece of meat (Mudgha) - mentioned 3 times.
The bones (Izame) - mentioned 15 times.
Flesh (Lahm) - mentioned 12 times.
Collectively, these stages are referenced 65 times in the Quran.

Intriguingly, the word "man" is also mentioned 65 times in the Quran, creating a parallel between the stages of human development and the mention of "man" in the Quran, emphasizing the detailed description of this process.

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