Collection: Iron

1. As we can see above, Chapter 57 in the Quran is called “The Iron” ( Al-Hadeed ). The arabic word “Al-Hadeed” too has the Numerical Gematrical value of 57, the same as the Chapter number.The Gematrical value of the Arabic word “Hadeed”(Iron) itself without the “Al”(the) is 26. And In the Periodic Table of The Elements, the 26th element mentioned is “Iron” too! Now hear is the amazing part, the atomic number of Iron is 26 !

2. The word “Iron” itself is only mentioned in verse 25 of this chapter of “The Iron”. But if we are to count all the word “Allah” from the very start of this chapter right to the end of this verse, we will count exactly 26 word Allah too! And this 26th word Allah from the start of this chapter also happens to be the 26th word of this verse too!

3. Chapter 57 is virtually located at the center of the Quran too! ( Total chapter of the Quran, 114 divides by 2 = 57 ) And what is the most abundant element of all in the CORE or the CENTER of our Planet Earth? The answer is again IRON! It is as though God is telling us today, that the chapter of “The Iron” or Chapter 57, is located EXACTLY at the CENTER of the Quran, just like how the IRON CORE of the Earth is located EXACTLY at the CENTER of our planet too!