Collection: Iron

  1. Numerical Value and Atomic Number:

    • Chapter 57 of the Quran is titled "Al-Hadeed," which means "The Iron."

    • In Arabic gematria, the numerical value of "Al-Hadeed" (الحديد) is 57, matching the chapter number.

    • The numerical value of "Hadeed" (حديد), meaning "Iron" without the definite article "Al" (the), is 26.

    • Interestingly, iron's atomic number in the Periodic Table is also 26.

  2. Word Counts in Chapter 57:

    • The word "Iron" is mentioned in verse 25 of Chapter 57.

    • If you count all instances of the word "Allah" from the beginning of this chapter up to this verse, there are exactly 26 occurrences.

    • The 26th instance of "Allah" in this chapter is also the 26th word in verse 25.

  3. Chapter Position and Earth's Core:

    • Chapter 57 is positioned at the approximate center of the Quran, which contains 114 chapters in total (114 divided by 2 equals 57).

    • Iron is the most abundant element in the core of the Earth.

    • This correlation is seen as suggesting that just as iron is central to the Earth, Chapter 57 ("The Iron") is central to the Quran.


  • These patterns are often interpreted by believers as indications of a deeper, intentional design in the Quran, suggesting knowledge beyond the human understanding of the time when it was written.

  • The correlation between the gematrical values, the mention of iron in the Quran, its atomic number, and the position of the chapter is seen as too precise to be coincidental.

  • For many, these observations are viewed as examples of the Quran's divine origin and its encompassing knowledge, which aligns with scientific discoveries.

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